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Small Linux FAQ

Q: How do I get images onto diskettes?

A: Make sure both root and boot diskettes are formated 1.44
dd if=root of=/dev/fd0
where "root" equals file name of the root image as stored on your system.

Q: How do I boot up?

A: Insert boot diskette into floppy drive on machine you want to boot Small Linux onto. Turn off machine, then turn on machine. The boot loader in the computer should read the boot sectors off the boot diskette and load the linux boot message. The next step should tell you exactly when to insert the root diskette.

Q: What do I do when it asks for login: then password?

A: Root is the login name. Hit enter. Then for password, just hit enter. Be careful you have the power of God when you are logged in as root...don't launch the missiles!

Q: Should I use Small Linux to run my computer?

A: No! Get Debian or Red Hat or S.u.S.E. or Caldera or Slackware.
Small Linux only addresses a specific problem -- you have a 386 computer with less than 4 meg of RAM.

Q: Can I install Small Linux on my hard drive?

A: Yes, at least I did. I don't remember the exact steps though. I think I did the following:

1. fdisk - set hda1 as linux native 18 meg
set hda2 as linux swap 2 meg

2. mkfs.ext2 - format main partition mkfs.ext2 /dev/hda1
mkswap - format swap partition mkswap /dev/hda2

3. copied entire root diskette to hda1
mount /dev/hda1 /mnt
cp -a -v /* /mnt
(it stopped at /proc - I had to cp /sbin /usr /tmp /var manually)

4. tested two stage boot from boot diskette to hard drive

5. copied vmlinuz kernel image to root of main drive

6. modified lilo.conf and ran lilo

7.populated the file system with usable files like: lynx, ftp, telnet and etc.

Q: Can I use all pre-compilied binaries with Small Linux?

A: No. Small Linux is compilied to run binaries compilied to libc 5.x.xx so, a.out binaries will not run and newer glibc 2 binaries will not run.

Q: Small Linux won't boot up on my diskette drive, now what!

A: Sorry, some machines will not boot Small Linux. I suspect it is usually a problem with the floppy controller.

Q: Can I send you a vast sums of money and make you rich?

A: I am not into getting rich, but if you have some overpowering urge to send money, donate to a non-profit project like Debian, or send it to me at SuperAnt 2531 Sawtelle #102 Los Angeles, CA 90064-3163

Q: Will Small Linux cause problems for my relationship with my girlfriend?

A: Yes, a relationship with linux can be addictive and consume vast amounts of time, causing problems with: human relationships, family, job; and efforts to make the world a better place.

Q: Small Linux erased my hard drive with the financial data for our Fortune 500 company, and, now we have lost 100 million dollars. Are you going to pay for this loss?

A: No! Small Linux is covered by LGPL. You are free to use it, make a million copies of it, modify it to your hearts delight. But, it is not offered with any warranty or promise of usability, functionality, or safety of any kind. You use it, or attempt to use it at your own risk. Perhaps you should have backed up your data for the Fortune 500 company.

Q: Is this FAQ up to date?

A: Absolutely! As of my typing this up at 4am in the morning October 4th 1998.