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Download Small Linux - Disk Images

This page is for downloading a Boot and Root diskette with the Linux Kernel with ELF format libc 5 that will boot in less than 2 Meg of ram. 

This can be used for text based Linux (console based) on a 386 laptop with 2 meg of ram and a 1.44 kb diskette drive. 

Download Small Linux and Information - July 1998

Small Linux - Boot Diskette 1.44 meg

Small Linux - Root Diskette 1.44

MS Dos program rawrite.exe to write disk images to diskettes 11 kb

Small Linux -Instruction HTML File 11 kb

File list of my 20 meg Hard Drive using Small Linux TEXT File 23 kb

Small Linux -Kernel for slip connections File 288 kb

Small Linux -Instruction Text File 11 kb

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