Oberon examples Page

Examples of code written for oo2c running under Linux

Oberon has been used (console based) on a 386 laptop with 4 meg of ram and a 40 meg harddrive.   

examples of Oberon 2 code

testx02.Mod. Hello World
hweb - literate version (* Hello World *)

testx03.Mod (* IsLetter demo *)

testx04.Mod (* Strings.Length demo *)

testx05.Mod (* Strings.Capitalize(stringVar); *)

testx06.Mod (* IntStr.StrToInt() demo *)

testx07.Mod (* test of file opening *)

testx08.Mod (* open file and read length *)

testx09.Mod (* read from stdin *)

testx10.Mod (* read arguments from command line *)

testx11.Mod (* read and print input from command line *)

testx12.Mod (* Open and read file in binary mode *)

download all examples as a deb compressed file

xsearchx01.Mod (* filter to create XSEARCH file list *)

hweb - literate version - xsearchx01.html (* filter to create XSEARCH file list *)

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