I am a beginner in the Linux world and I have just tried the small linux
distribution and I think it is great!! It fits my 486 4Meg machine

I want to share my experience with other beginner on installing the small
linux onto the hard disk. I think there is a little mistake on the Small
linux FAQ: the question "Can I install Small Linux on my hard drive?", in
step 3 you have mentioned that the use the command: "cp -R -v /* /mnt" and
I've tried and it didn't work. I think it tries to copy the contents from
the symbolics as well. So I tried to use the command "cp -a -v /* /mnt" and
it stopped at the proc as in your case.

The followings are my steps on installing small linux on my hard drive:

1. Use FIPS to make a new partition from my existing DOS
2. Boot up small linux using the boot disk and the root disk
3. use FDISK to make a native linux partition and a swap partition
4. mkfs.ext2 partition then Reboot
5. Boot up small linux using two disks again
6. Use the command "mount /dev/hda? /mnt" where ? is the drive number of the
native partition
7. use the command "cp -a -v /* /mnt" to copy everything to the hard disk
8. reboot
9. Use the boot disk to boot up, at the first prompt type "mount
10. It should be able to boot up linux now without the root disk
11. mount the floppy disk now using "mount /dev/fd0 /mnt" and then copy the
vmlinuz to the root using "cp /mnt/vmlinuz /"
12. unmount the floppy disk using "umount /mnt" and then insert a dos
formatted floppy into the drive and mount it again
13. copy the vmlinuz to the floppy using "cp /vmlinuz /mnt"
14. restart in dos
15. copy vmlinuz in the same directory as LOADLIN
16. use this command "loadlin -v vmlinuz mount root=/dev/hda?" to boot up
small linux

optional extra:
17. edit config.sys to add a new label in the multi-boot menu
18. edit autoexec.sys under the new label and add the command written in
step 16

I hope this can help other beginner to test drive the small linux on thier
old machine before they try to install the full distribution on their
powerful machines


"Chris" <ip@icon.co.za>